Meet The Tribe | Andy Bryant

Meet The Tribe | Andy Bryant

Andy Bryant is a Natural Podiatrist and TFC Foot Nerd based in Melbourne. Andy is also the leader of the Natural Podiatry Society which we discuss throughout the episode, along with some important concepts around feet and footwear, load management and the use of social media to facilitate connection and change!

Andy has been a practicing podiatrist for more than 20 years. For most of his career he used traditional methods to treat patients suffering from a range of foot issues, often prescribing orthotics to help relieve their pain. It wasn't until a series of serious cycling accidents forced the young father to change how he trains that he discovered the benefits of being barefoot. This lightbulb moment saw Andy turn to a more holistic and empowering approach in his practice and the results have been incredible. His main focus now with every client is restoring natural foot function through training and lifestyle changes. 

Connect with Andy on Instagram or watch his story below!

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