"The fundamental problem of our day is that we’ve forgotten our primal relationship to habitat - which is to say, we’ve forgotten how to be normal"
Frank Forencich - New Old Way

Our relationship with our habitat has huge consequences on individual and global health. The more disconnected we become from the natural environment, the more we develop disease and the more the planet suffers. The more we reconnect with nature, the better our health can become and the more likely we will be to survive as a species.

Humans are animals too and we can’t afford to view ourselves as somehow superior to and separate from the natural world. Being the dominant species on this planet just means it’s down to us to figure out ways to live more sustainably while restoring, reversing and regenerating the damage we’ve done so far.  

Here's how we're playing our part... 

Reforesting Australia

Our partnership with Reforest Now means that $5 from every order of a TFC Original Product will go towards much needed reforestation in Australia - so 1 sale equals 1 tree planted AND for every beam sold we will donate $10 or two trees.
Watch their story below and check out their website for more on our shared mission and how you can get involved.


TFC Bush 1

TFC Bush 1 is a property South-West of Brisbane where we can embrace the Barefoot Life and reconnect with nature in a deeper, more immersive way. We plan to eventually share this special place with our TFC Tribe.

We’ll be spending more and more time out here over the coming weeks and months and will be documenting the whole process along the way so stay tuned and check out @tfc.bush1 to follow along!