Disrupt Footwear FC-0.5
Disrupt Footwear FC-0.5
Disrupt Footwear FC-0.5
Disrupt Footwear FC-0.5
Disrupt Footwear FC-0.5

Disrupt Footwear FC-0.5

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We're here to disrupt how shoes are designed, made, and sold.

A radical shift in priorities from fashion and profits, to function and value.

The FC-0.5 is our first experiment in the pursuit of creating world class footwear designed for movement.

Everything you need in a shoe, nothing that you don't.

  • Rubber sole, flexible neoprene upper

  • Perfect for wearing the backyard, camping or exploring

  • Made in China

Please check out our 'SIZE GUIDE' tab for details on how to find the right fit.

Our partnership with Reforest Now means that $5 from every order over $50 will help reforest Australia by planting one tree! 

Our shared mission is to see large-scale reforestation and regeneration of Australian rainforest ecosystems. A team of scientists, bush regenerators and nurserymen are working with partners (like us) and individuals (like you) around the world to see immediate and effective restoration of critically endangered rainforest.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Loves it

Super comfy! exactly as described. I've been using them at the gym and I won't use another conventional shoe in the gym again. Can't eait to purchase every day Vivos when they are back in stock.

Only wish I sized up with these shoes as they fit supper well and I believe it should be a bit more spacey. Yes I used the size guide.

Good for my feet

My feet became really sore from wearing a certain brand of flat-soled comfortable indoor boots while working from home, so I got these to wear instead. I love that they’re indoor/outdoor, multi-purpose, and my feet can actually move naturally. Sizing was easy using the guide. The price is so amazing considering what I’ve paid for my other minimalist footwear.

Roger C.
So comfortable

My feet love the stimulation they get from the shoes