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HTS Hack-Ademy
HTS Hack-Ademy

HTS Hack-Ademy

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Are you a young athlete looking to take your game to the next level or a parent keen to get involved in their child's movement health?

Improving balance, mobility, strength and skills shouldn't feel like a chore.

The Hack-Ademy from, Hackying The System, is a gamified online training program designed by physios and footballers to build resilient knees, ankles and feet which makes building unbreakable bodies and minds fun for the whole family.

A 12-month subscriptions to the Hack-Ademy which includes:

Balance Training

Skill Training

Mobility Training

Mobile App

Pro Advice

HTS is TFC's little brother, with the motto 'play is the way!'

We are on a mission to make injury prevention fun so that elite young athletes can improve their performance and stay on the field longer.

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Improve performance. Prevent injuries. Play more.


The best training and injury prevention program is one that actually gets done.

That's why we have created a play-based online program to make improving mobility, balance and skill fun for everyone!

What we train


By maximising mobility and strength players can reduce the chance for injury and unlock their full potential. The Hack-Ademy makes it fun.


All the best athletes in the world have incredible balance but not many young players train theirs. We want to change that.


You can juggle a ball but what about a hacky sack? Training barefoot with a hacky will improve reaction speed, agility, coordination and touch

"I think this is a great concept, one I have been watching closely and really back. I think this sort of training from the ground up gives athletes balance. If you look at the best players in the world, they all have fantastic balance."

Shane Smeltz | Professional Footballer

"From where I started to now my improvements are significant.  I can identify areas of weakness and focus on these areas to avoid injury and develop strength. My skills are now remarkable and I owe a lot of this to your program and hard work. I look forward to continuing next year as the sessions are always fun."

Callum | Hack-Ademy Athlete

"This is how players need to be training if they want to be the best. Balance and mobility is everything. It's what sets the world's greatest apart. I love that young players can now learn how to enhance their bodies in ways they never would normally."

Leo Sirianni | Academy Coach


The Hack-Ademy is deisgned for young athletes that are wanting to prevent the chances of injuries and improve their performance however peopel of all ages can get increbile beneifts from this type of training.

So if you're a kid or just a kid at hear, this is the training program for you that will help unlock the true potential right at your feet!

Not at all. While all of the tools we use in the Hack-Ademy have great benefits there are some cost-effective alternatives you can use instead to get moving. A balled up pair of socks can double as a hacky sack. And a strip of tape on the ground, a rolled up towel or a plank of wood is a great place to start if you don't have a balance beam.

There sure is! Download the Kajabi mobile app for free to follow the Hack-Ademy and save your progress no matter where you are.

If you find the program isn't the right fit for you or you don't think it was worth what you paid for it, we will refund the cost with no questions asked however we would love your feedback so we can continue to improve the course.