Natural Running Workshop Melbourne

Natural Running Workshop Melbourne

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  • The Benefits
  • What if we told you that running doesn't have to hurt and it doesn't have to be hard?

    We believe that getting back to your natural ability to run is your ticket to pain-free running and longevity!

    Annually 80% of recreational runners are getting injured. Running is now the most dangerous sport to participate in!

    Our everyday lives are limiting our ability to run well and run often. Simple injuries are appearing that are 90% preventable but also 90% manageable on your own.

    The goal here at The Natural Running Workshop is to send you away, stronger, confident, and more educated than when you first arrived and turn you into the most efficient runner possible!

  • What You'll Get
    • Before and After videos of your technique to see progressions
    • 7 Steps of Running broken down to digest easily
    • History of how we should run and why we run the way we do today
    • Impact and importance of shoes and feet
    • Drills and tips to go away and work on
    • 100% laughs and good times getting you back to your natural human running state
  • Event Details
  • Date: Saturday 27th November 2021

    Time: 3:00pm-4:30pm

    Location: Corben Oval, Fairfield VIC

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