TFC Online Workshop 2.0
TFC Online Workshop 2.0
TFC Online Workshop 2.0
TFC Online Workshop 2.0
TFC Online Workshop 2.0

TFC Online Workshop 2.0

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Frustrated by persistent pain in your feet, ankles, or hips?

Constantly suffering injuries and can’t find the answers?

Looking for ways to make exercising more fun and enjoyable

What if the key to reclaiming movement freedom was right at your feet?

We want to empower you with knowledge and tools that have helped thousands of people in our community restore and rewire their bodies.

The TFC Online Workshop 2.0 was captured on our most recent tour of Australia. This digital course includes:


Feet + Footwear

Functional Assessments

Balance + Play

Q + A

Bonus Training Routines + Education

Exclusive Offers + Discounts

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
It was great to learn the importance of looking after our feet!

If you love your feet then I highly recommend doing this workshop. If you don't love your feet, I recommend it even more! It was great to learn about the importance of looking after our feet and exactly how to do that. The added touch of play was great - emphasising the importance of having fun while you move.

James R.
Hobart TFC seminar

The TFC seminar workshop in Hobart was really well run. So much practical and important information that I know I will be using well into my future. James spent just the right amount of time between learning and playing, keeping everyone well engaged from the beginning to the end. Thanks again for a great seminar on what everyone should be taught from an early age.

Yen T.
Highly practical with strategies to

Highly practical with strategies to implement straight away

At TFC, we believe in the importance of a ground up approach

We want you to finish this course feeling ready to start resolving common aches and niggles so you can live a playful and pain-free life.

This workshop is suitable for beginners and people of all movement backgrounds.

What you will learn


Assess for dysfunctions, choose the right shoes + build strong, mobile, resilient feet


Simple, powerful methods and tools to help you improve hip and ankle stability and mobility


Learn how to integrate play into training and daily life to enhance your physical and mental health


This workshop will be suitable for beginners and people of all movement backgrounds - whether you're an elite athlete looking to take your game to the next level or just someone who wants to take control of their health!

Not at all. While all of the tools we use in our workshop have great benefits there are some cost-effective alternatives you can use instead to get moving. No mobility ball? Try a tennis ball. A balled up pair of socks can double as a hacky sack. And a strip of tape on the ground is a great place to start if you don't have a balance beam.

The aim of this course is to optimise lower body function and dynamic balance while having fun. Many people find that this approach can resolve many common aches and pains however every individual is different.

We have growing global network of practitioners we can connect you with who can help provide personalised assessment and guidance if needed. 

While the foundations and general knowledge around feet and footwear remain true, this course is designed to be more play-based and also covers a greater range of functional assessments and important concepts around environment and lifestyle (eg. breathing, movement nutrition, ground living, play). 

We also include follow along training routines, a training program to help you implement what you learn.

Yes. All of these concepts apply to people of all ages. While they may not have as many foot, hip or balance issues as their parents, children can still benefit greatly from changing their footwear and implementing the play-based training (which is also a great way to connect as a family). When it comes to movement health, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

There sure is! Download the Kajabi mobile app for free to watch our course, save your progress, and connect with fellow members in your community, no matter where you are.

If you find the course isn't the right fit for you or you don't think it was worth what you paid for it, we will refund the cost with no questions asked however we would love your feedback so we can continue to improve the course.