The ultimate goal of TFC is to help people reclaim strong, functional and pain-free feet - that means feet that can walk, run, jump, climb and traverse through urban and natural environments, without the need for large amounts of support and cushioning from shoes and orthotics. One of the best ways to achieve this is simply spending more time barefoot, especially in natural terrains like parks, creeks, forests, mountains and beaches. You should view the above exercises and tools as strategies to facilitate a more enjoyable experience in these settings, rather than as a substitute for them.

No amount of exercises or mobilisations can replace the overwhelming benefits of just moving in nature with bare feet. Below are some ideas of what to seek out on your barefoot journey: 

  • Different surfaces and textures - grass, sand, dirt, rocks, logs, roots, mud etc.
  • Different angles - hills, mountains, dunes, boulders 
  • Different activities - walking, running, jumping, crawling, climbing, squatting, lifting, throwing, dancing, playing 
  • Different challenges - balance, endurance, strength, speed, power, agility

The more combinations of all these variables you can create, the more strong, healthy and resilient you will become. The time and effort you invest in this process will pay dividends in many wonderful ways throughout your entire life. Start small, progress gradually and make it fun! 

You can find more helpful resources HERE.

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