Foot Restoration Kit being used to improve foot function
Foot Restoration Kit [Wild Toes + Mobility Ball + Band]
Wild Toes [Toe Spacers + Mini toe band]

Foot Restoration Kit [Toe Spacers + Band + Mobility Ball]

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The simple kit and our free Foot Training System can help you reverse the negative impacts of modern footwear and start restoring the natural function of your feet!

✔ A pair of Toe Spacers (one for each foot)

✔ A Cork Mobility Ball

✔ A Toe resistance band

✔ Lifetime access to TFC Foot Training System (link included in confirmation email)

Foot training can help:

✔ Realign the toes

✔ Stretch intrinsic foot muscles

✔ Improve balance

✔ Relieve foot pain and tension

✔ Improve posture and alignment 

✔ Increase foot mobility

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Our shared mission is to see large-scale reforestation and regeneration of Australian rainforest ecosystems. A team of scientists, bush regenerators and nurserymen are working with partners (like us) and individuals (like you) around the world to see immediate and effective restoration of critically endangered rainforest.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 139 reviews
Susan Randazzo (Perth, AU)
Fantastic for Morton's Neuroma

I hae suffered for a few years with Mornton's Neuroma and nothing has worked. It had become quite painful and the podiatrist's inserts didn't help much. It was pushing my third toe into my second toe (toward my little toe). These worked wonders. I don't have any pain anymore and I wear them all day easily and take them off at night. Sometimes I don't wear them and my food still feels fine. The other benefit is that I can see by pushing my big toe apart, I'm not going to have any problems with bunions because it keeps the toe straight. I compare my left foot to the right which hasn't had the separators. It's so straight. I'm so thrilled to have these. Don't hesitate to get them. Worth it for sure.

Cassie Yaxley (Sydney, AU)
Wild toes awesome

So comfortable, better balance and easy to put on and they stay in place. Terrific product.

Margie Craig

No idea what band is for and unable to use soft ball. Other items very good. A bit overpriced.

Hi Margie,
Thanks for leaving a review - we really appreciate your feedback! We have a complimentary training system that comes as part of your purchase, which I have emailed you the link too. This will show you how to use the mini toe band and cork mobility ball.

We always want our customers to get value from our products, so please let me know if there is anything else we can assist you with.


If they aren’t working the way they were designed to, everything upstream can suffer. Don’t settle for stiffness, aches and pains. We want to empower you with tools and training to restore natural, pain free function starting at the feet.

Explore Movement

Building a resilient and adaptable body doesn’t have to be boring! Free your feet and learn to play with movement.

Stretch Muscles

Reverse the negative effects of modern footwear by stretching and strengthening your feet.

Realign Toes

Healthy human feet have toes that spread apart! A wider toe splay will give you more balance and stability.

Free Training

Lifetime access to our Foot Training System with guided exercises from our head physio.

Our Guarantee

Our Wild Toes, Hacky Sacks & Mobility Balls have a 12 month guarantee. If you have any issues in this timeframe, just get in touch.

One Size Fits All

Toe Spacers are suitable for all adult foot sizes. They are designed to stretch across all foot widths.


Follow our free TFC Foot Training System to experience the benefits of all the tools in your TFC Kit.

Get out of foot pain and discomfort so that you can enjoy movement and explore your potential!


Our products and training are all aimed at improving foot mobility, strength and control as well as whole-body coordination and balance.

This training combined with a transition towards ‘natural’ footwear (and spending more time barefoot) is the best way to restore natural foot function.

Most people will find that this process will improve their condition and reduce or eliminate their pain, however there can be many other factors that contribute to the experience of pain and individualised guidance is key here.

To clean your Wild Toes gently wash them in warm soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly before use.